Kids Corner

Where the Spiritual Foundation is Laid

Trinity Mennonite Church believes in rooting children in the love of God, right from their early ages. Here are the programs that we organize for kids:

Sunday School

During our 10:30 am service, we will have a children’s prayer time where all gather at the front and sometimes listen to a special story prepared just for them. They then join our screened volunteers, who lead our children in crafts, games and biblical stories. Sometimes children will participate in the service with special songs or skits.

Every June, Trinity Mennonite Church celebrates what the children have learned at the annual Sunday School Picnic.

During the Summer months, our children join us in our worship service. There is no Sunday school.

Camp Valauqua

Many of the children from Trinity Mennonite Church attend Camp Valaqua the Mennonite Church Alberta residential summer camp. This camp is organized with interesting outdoor adventures.