Announcements, COVID-19

In-Person Services Currently Cancelled

Listen to the announcement from Pastor Will.

We are cancelling in-person worship services for the next little while. The update from the province on Tuesday, December 8, 2020 made clear that we could still gather with all of the old restrictions, but we would have to cap attendance at 15% of our capacity. For our sanctuary that might be about 20 people. It didn’t feel right to discourage some people from coming and not others, nor did we want to have someone at the door sending people away if we were already at our capacity. So, for the time being, we are switching back to an online only worship service.

We are also adding a time of fellowship beforehand. People have enjoyed being able to reconnect, and so we are hoping that a little time of chit chat before the service might help people feel connected. To connect, look for the link in the Trinity Trumpet (weekly announcement email), or contact the office.

We’re hoping that this will be a short-term arrangement, but we respect that as case numbers continue to rise, that we need to all be making sacrifices to help reduce the spread. We are loving our neighbour as we love ourselves by doing this.

We are trying to strike a healthy and responsible balance between safety and connection. Let us know if there are ways that you know we can be of more help to you. people you know in the congregation or the community around us.

We appreciate your understanding,

Trinity Mennonite Church

Announcements, COVID-19

What does a service look like now?

Below is a summary of the most relevant modifications we have made to protect attendees from COVID-19.

  • Prior to coming:
  • Upon Arrival:
    • Put on your mask
    • Wait until the door is clear before entering
    • Wave and give a friendly greeting to the Greeters (no hugs or handshakes)
    • Let the Greeters know if you did not use the RSVP form, so they can add you to the attendance list. 
    • Proceed into the sanctuary (bring all items with you. There will be no coat racks, coffee or access to the kitchens)
  • At your seat:
    • You may remove your masks once seated, but must put them on again when you leave your seat.
    • No singing, but you may follow along in the hymnals and read/silently sing to yourself. 
    • Please supervise your children at your seats until Sunday School starts. 
  • When Service is Over:
    • Put on your mask
    • Wait until the aisle is clear
    • Proceed outside to visit, and do not visit with other families or cohorts in the sanctuary or lobby. 

Here you can watch a video Pastor Will made about these changes: